Devanagari Unicode Open Type Font

Siddhanta font software was designed by Mihail Bayaryn. The work on the new font took three years. The font can be used for Sanskrit, Vedic, Hindi, Nepali and other languages which use the Devanagari script.

The main features of the Siddhanta font:

  -   Ligatures. Siddhanta uses vertical ligature composition; due to this feature it supports the largest amount of Devanagari ligatures;
Variations. Siddhanta supports many ligature variations and script variations - Calcutta, Bombay and Nepali styles;
  -   Character set. Siddhanta contains Vedic and Devanagari Extended Unicode character sets. The font also contains Latin and Cyrillic character sets and can be used for Sanskrit transliteration;
  -   Compatibility. Siddhanta supports Unicode 6.0 standard and is compatible with Intranslator 2003 and partly compatible with Chandas font;
  -   Hinting. Siddhanta is a manually hinted true type font - it is good for use both in screen and in print; its line weight is good for eyes;
  -  Calligraphy. Siddhanta is a calligraphically precise and realistic font - there are no gaps between half-forms and full forms of characrets. The font can be used as samples for learning the Devanagari writing.
  -   Free. Siddhanta font software (including font variations and Vaidika IME) is published under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. The limitation of commercial usage means that the font cannot be sold as commercial product but can be used as font in publishing, printing and retailing of other commercial products. Siddhanta can be used as web font. It can be included in free and commercial software distributives as free addition, without any additional payment for it. Latin and Cyrillic glyph sets (based on DejaVu font) can be used according to free license.

Additional files for download:
·  Siddhanta Variations Fonts
·  Siddhanta Font Manual
·  Sample texts using Siddhanta font
·  Vaidika - Devanagari Input Method and Keyboard Layout
·  Chandas  and Uttara  fonts and their additional files

Siddhanta font is published for free as a contribution to human spirit, to support the Sanskrit language and the Vedic culture in the contemporary world. If you want to help this project, contact Mihail Bayaryn at bayaryn @

॥ धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः ॥


  1. emeğinize sağlık.. teşekkürler.

  2. Very beautiful work, and the Calcutta styles are a wonderful addition. Somehow I can't get all of the characters to work properly (on Ubuntu 4.12): e.g., usually anusvāra works fine but in अर्धासनं it goes back a few letters to rest inside the r-hook.

    1. Namaste,
      I know about problems with Siddhanta in Linux and LaTex. The reason is that Open Type support in Linux is not the same as in Windows. Perhaps not all instructions are supported or supported in different manner. It is really sad. Of course it's possible to make from Siddhanta some simple font like other Devanagari fonts and it will look correctly in Linux but some unique features of the font will be lost in this case.

  3. Mihail

    For problems with rendering in Linux you might want to contact: Behdad Esfahbod
    He is largely responsible for the complex script rendering engine used in Linux and may be able to update it to handle all the open type lookups in your font.

    1. Thank you very much for this information. Open Type instructions in Linux work well with quite simple and small fonts but in case of Siddhanta there are some problems. I'll try to collect my observations and contact Behdad Esfahbod. The only problem is now lack of time:)

  4. Namaste!

    I accidently came across this Devnagari font and just loved it! I was looking for one that was Unicode and it worked for me! However, I have downloaded the Vaidika - Devnagari Keyboard layout and Inout method package too (as mentioned above) on my Windows XP (32 bit) environment. However, I don't see its .exe file or don't know how to launch it to use this font. If the keyboard layout is available then things will be easy else, I will need to create my own keyboard list. From the description of the package I gather that a soft keypad probably is available too! I am very interested in using it with Microsoft Word as well as any other program where I am accepting the input or entering the text. Please help. I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!

    1. Namaste, Manjusha. Please unpack and find setup.exe there. There are also images of keyboard layout in this archive file.

    2. Thank you so much! It worked!


  5. Thank you for this wonderful creation. Finally a font that supports Unicode 6.0 characters for Kashmiri and Sindhi. And aesthetically pleasing too!

  6. I packaged your font so that users of the Arch Linux distribution can easily install it:

    Thanks for the wonderful font!

  7. Dear mihail - namaste

    Thanks for such a wonderful font. Now we can create complex vaidic scripts using your font.
    But it seems you have stopped working on inscript keyboard. At this latest sight you have put vaidika phonetic key board for download but for inscript you are still using old links. Might be some link problems. But i request you to work on inscript keyboard as govt. of india have added / deleted some charactors from latest update. For ex. in latest updated inscript keyboard अनुदात्त, उदात्त keys are placed at Ex. d and e where as you kept that at different keys. Yes govt. of india is still miles away from unicode 6.1. I request you to please restructure your vaidic inscript keyboard for latest updates though i still use your vaidic inscript keyboard.

    Still you have done a wonderful job by developing such a font.
    GOD bless you.

    1. Thank You, Satish!
      I cannot promise but I'll try to find time for this. By the way You can create Vedic Inscript keyboard layout using Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator -

  8. namaste mihail ji,

    I am having a peculiar problem - using siddhanta or any unicode sanskrit font in PDF file annotations. विजय is displayed as वजिय in pdf reader/annotation programs such as or foxit reader but not adobe XI - Is this something to do with zero width joiners and stuff - The planet can be saved only if harvard kyoto like schemes are preserved. when you press a key - the signal sent out is ascii and then there is fancy program the displays pretty fonts great but what about the reverse can we get what we input in a b c d - And people are being pampered into not learning global technology language - English. Best wishes for lots of money in 2014 and years to come


    1. Sorry, it seems to be not a font problem.

  9. Incidentally one small typo on your page - Ligatutes. ought to corrected.

  10. Namaskar,
    Has anyone got this working on MS Win 8.1 ?

    1. Any problems in Win 8.1? I tested in Win 8.0, it worked

  11. महोदय,
    मैं भी काशी के संपूर्णानन्द संस्कृत विश्वविद्यालय से हूँ। आप भी काशी में रहे हैं।
    निवेदन है कि वैदिका फॉन्ट बहुत उपयोगी है। वाक्यों में (अ) का प्रयोग कम और (ा) मात्रा का प्रयोग बहुत होता है और (ा) को टाइप करने के लिए बार बार शिफ्ट A दबाना पड़ता है। यदि (अ) को शिफ्ट A के साथ तथा (ा) को बिना शिफ्ट a के साथ रखा जाय तो बहुत सुविधा होगी।

    आचार्य रामप्यारे सिंह शास्त्री
    91 9247352663

  12. Namaste. Thanks for the font. I donwloaded it but i cannot use it. I select the font in any editor but it does not produce devanagari characters. I am using mac. Is there anything additionatl that i need to use?

  13. thank you for great gift to the devolopment of language

  14. I have installed Siddhanta. I want to type Extended Devanagari with short 'e', short 'o'.
    Please guide me.